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opinion-- Nonsense

As a teenager, I've experienced a great deal of nonsense.

And not the ridiculous, silly, anecdote-driven nonsense. I mean, the kind that's spoon-fed to you as a toddler. The excuses parents, teachers, colleagues and peers pull out of their sleeves like gifts. We are censored at a young age, and we are given the sugarcoated, worn-down responses to our questions that deserved honest answers.

It starts back when you're barely aware of the world around you and you ask a question about the existence of something like Santa Clause, when your parent or whomever in charge, serves you with a delicious plate of nonsense.

Now, I'm not saying we must rid our future children of all possible imagination and chisel their childhoods away with brutal honesty. But, I am saying that it's borderline appalling to grow up and know that every adult around you makes it very evident that they are, in fact, an adult.

My most memorable, and favorite teachers for that matter, have been ones w…

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